Bird Netting

Made in the USA since 1965

Our strong knotless nylon netting is perfect for long-term outdoor use because it won't rot or mildew, and its strength and durability make it an economical, yet intelligent choice. Many zoos, research facilities, agriculture-based companies and utility companies have made us their source for custom and bulk netting. We make everything here in our plant, and can easily customize each order. No matter what the end use, we can provide the netting of your choice in bulk, or we can fabricate it to order.

Birds of Prey Habitat

Manufacture netting used by rehabilitation centers for various birds of prey including eagles, owls, hawks and falcons.

Zoos and Aviaries

Manufacture netting used by zoo’s and aviaries to contain and protect many different species of birds.

Poultry Farms

Manufacture netting used in poultry farming including containment/protective, barrier, divider and catch nets.

Trellis / Garden

Manufacture netting suitable for trellis and other garden applications.  The durable nylon netting is perfect for climbing vegetable or floral vines.

Bird Control

Manufacture netting used as a barrier to keep out pigeons, starlings and other nuisance birds.

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