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At Mid-Lakes, we’ve been making top quality Raschel-style knotless, nylon netting since 1965. We can easily customize nets to your specs, or we can supply bulk netting if you want to fabricate your own product.


Because we make everything right here in Knoxville, we can be flexible and more responsive to your needs. Our 50 years in the net-making business have given us the experience and knowledge you can count on. If you aren’t sure what you need for your product, ask us! We have many styles and mesh sizes in stock–all available for immediate shipment.

Why Knotless Netting Is Better Than Knotted

Knotless netting is superior to knotted netting because there is no loss of strength at joints and no concentrated points of abrasion. It has a greater yield per pound, and is available in a broader range of widths, depths and mesh sizes. Knotless netting absorbs preservative treatment better than knotted, and is less expensive!


Pictured below are the four styles of netting we make in our plant in Knoxville, Tennessee. In most cases, a minimum order is required. Please e-mail us if you have questions.

Ace Knotless


Available in three mesh sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", Ace can be cut to your specifications. Shipped in rolls, bulk Ace is used for sport fishing products, fish and bait farming, laundry and equipment bags, tool bags, suitcase dividers, crib covers, equipment bags and toy products.

Titan Knotless


Available in many strengths and mesh sizes, Titan is shipped worldwide for fabricating into finished net products. We also can fabricate Titan Knotless to your specifications in our plant in Knoxville. We stock many sizes of both “on the diamond” and “on the square.” Titan Knotless can be treated or dyed, and is used for sports nets such as softball and baseball batting cages, backstops, protection screens, golf driving cages and nets, soccer and volleyball nets and net barriers for indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. Other uses include carnival nets, crib and bed covers, industrial nets, sports and commercial fishing, agriculture, aquaculture, toys and games.




Our knotless, seamless tube netting is available in several widths. We stock 8", 23" and 25" x 1/4" mesh, and can knit other sizes. It is perfect for football jerseys, scrimmage vests, equipment bags or filter bags. Available in white and assorted colors.


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